Payment method

Payment method

Payment method

There are two stages in the registration procedure. The first stage involves submitting an application form, and the second stage involves paying the fees.

You are expected to pay the fees within 7 days from the moment you get our online acceptance of your Application form.

The amount you should pay is: 

  • 950 Euro – early bird registration – until March 31st
  • 990 Euro – from March 31th until June 4th

The accepted payment method is bank transfer.

In order to make a transfer you will need the following transfer details:

Wroclaw University of Economics and Business
Komandorska 118/120
53-345 Wrocław

Santander Bank Polska S.A. 17 oddział we Wrocławiu
Plac Powstańców Śląskich 17/115
53-314 Wrocław

30 1090 2529 0000 0001 2284 9471 

IBAN: PL30109025290000000122849471

Please write “Summer School, M25071207” and your name as the payment details.
Payment should be made in Euros and without charges to the beneficiary


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