Program & Courses

Program & Courses

Summer School of Management 2024

Main theme: Sustainability challenges in modern business
Dates: 26th June – 5th July


  • 73 teaching hours organised in daily classes 
  • lectures, workshops, project workshops in cooperations with real businesses
  • 6 ECTS to gain
  • free time activities: sightseeing, city game, trip do aquapark

Sustainability challenges in modern business

Modern businesses face significant sustainability challenges as they grapple with the increasing pressure to balance economic growth with environmental and social responsibility. Related knowledge and competencies are essential in modern business.

Soft skills and general competencies workshops

  • Teambuilding & International Competences
  • Problem-solving Skills Workshop
  • Presentation Skills Workshop & Coaching
  • DEI – Diversity, Equality & Inclusion for Modern Business

ESG tutorials & workshops

  • ESG for Modern Business
  • How to look for ESG data?
  • S & G – Social and Governmental Factors in Modern Business
  • E- Environmental Factors in Modern Business
  • Designing Social Campaigns

Free time activities:

  • Green City Game
  • joint city tour
  • tasting of Polish cuisine
  • visit to the aquapark


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